White-labelled chat


Want to use WhosOn, but don’t want the WhosOn branding? Perhaps you want to present chat as your own, and reskin or even resell it.

In this instance, we can offer a white labelled chat solution. This lends you a new level of ownership and takes the software from its “WhosOn” packaging. Here’s how it works:

• You can request a white labelled chat service through the WhosOn sales team

• This can be as a reseller, or as an enterprise not wanting to promote third-party vendors

• We can then work together to decide how best to deliver WhosOn to your needs

• We can remove every trace of WhosOn branding from chat windows, buttons, the chat client, the settings portal, the data portal, the reporting suite, etc

• We can also work with you to repackage WhosOn as native to your own brand exclusively