Whisper messages


Whisper messages enable supervisors to support their agents through complex chats. While monitoring a chat session, they present a way to coach and advise agents behind the scenes.

Although it appears within the monitored customer chat, a whisper message remains private between the agent and the supervisor. (Hence the name ‘whisper’.) Here’s how it works:

• ‘Whisper mode’ appears as a toggle option for the supervisor within their view of a monitored chat session

• Once enabled, the messages they send are only visible to the agent in a chat session

• ‘Whispers’ are in-app and inline, appearing directly in the agent’s view of the chat session

• Any whispered messages received can be forwarded directly to the visitor if needed

• Whisper mode can also be toggled off, but this means that an intervening supervisor message will be visible to the agent and the visitor alike