Supporting a connected, data-rich ecosystem

Custom chat projects are our forte. With WhosOn, your chat implementation is flexible, tailored, and guided by almost two decades of industry experience.

A flexable integration portfolio


Push-pull customer data between WhosOn and your CRM


Hook WhosOn into your Microsoft tools and services


Switch from WhosOn to alternate contact channels


Process WhosOn chat data via third-party reporting systems


Plug a bot framework into WhosOn for AI chatbot assistance


Build your own integrations via the WhosOn API

Integration options at every touchpoint

Chat entry

Live chat support needn’t only be accessible from your website.

For optimal flexibility, you can also plug WhosOn into an app, a software service, an aggregator site, or anywhere your customers touch base.


Your flexibility continues once the chat is initiated.

Whether you use bot assistance, mid-chat database pulls, or omnichannel swapping — integrations help each session run smoother.


The end of the chat marks more opportunities to integrate.

WhosOn makes it easy to add a mix of post-chat syncing spots. Rather than sitting in a silo, your chat data streams into the systems you choose.

All with watertight data security

Get your data fluidity without security compromises. WhosOn is a robust, time-tested solution built to meet the needs of even the most highly regulated industries.

  • Certified for Cyber Essentials Plus
  • Sensitive data masking as standard
  • Hosted in world-class Azure data centres
  • Encryption at every possible point
  • Fine-tuned configuration control
  • Also available on-prem
AI chatbot

Start scoping your chat project

Before we start work on your chat project, we need to take the time to understand your business and its goals. Then, we can recommend next steps, start planning any custom work and get you set up with a free trial.

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