Comparison chat

Connect visitors to vendors with custom-built live chat software

Live chat is only just breaking into the comparison website space. With a custom chat solution designed for comparison site results pages, we can help you stay ahead of the curve.

Comparison chat in action

An industry-unique approach

Implementing chat into a comparison website requires a unique approach. It deviates from a standard live chat deployment in three key ways:

image showing comparison chat
The chat option isn’t for your brand

It’s a connector between visitors and the vendors pulled in your search results

You aren’t the end user of the chat channel

The work of responding to chat queries lies with your customers

You own the chat onboarding process

The customer signs up to chat through your site, based on your offering

So, what’s in it for you?

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    Reduce drop-off by hosting live vendor help, direct from your site

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    Improve the online experience with a single touchpoint visitor journey

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    Drive transparency by empowering users to make a more informed buy

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    Modernise your model, taking a step up from basic aggregation

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    Win market share by standing out in a saturated space

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    Use chat as a revenue avenue, charging customers or starting bidding wars

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    Challenge Google, offering something unavailable in search engine results

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    Deliver clear, calculable engagement ROI for your customers

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    Boost loyalty and brand advocacy with a more useful comparison service

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    Increase listings, with an added incentive for customers to list with you

The comparison chat process

project plan folder Plan

We scope out your requirements and put a project plan in action. You’ll get a dedicated account manager from start to finish.

development of the chat Develop

We develop a customised chat microsite service. This allows you to host a chat sign-up option from your site, without having to do any of the hosting work.

deployment of the chat Deploy

We deploy the microsite into your customer portal. This enables your customers to add chat to their listing, all from inside their account.

For your customers

customer starting chat Log in

Your customers will log in to their account with you as normal. However, they’ll see a new option to add chat.

customer setup Setup

The customer can then create a live chat account connected to their listing on your site. This happens smoothly from a single touchpoint.

taking chats Take chats

Once the chat account is live, your customer will be able to receive live chat messages from their leads. Direct from the comparison results page.

For your visitors

vistors searching Search

Your visitors complete a search via your comparison site. In the results, they’ll see a chat option next to each vendor with a chat account.

visitors connecting Connect

The visitor then clicks the chat button next to the vendor(s) they’re interested in. This sends a chat request straight to the vendor.

visitors chatting Chat

The visitor and the vendor then connect over your website. The chat(s) takes place from their search results page, with no journey disruption.

A chat tool tailored to your market

Our chat solution is flexible enough to cater to any comparison website, in any vertical. This includes:

finance Finance

Loans, mortgages, insurance, etc

trade Trade

Online directories / local service aggregators

real estate Real estate

Property portal and rentals

recruitment Recruitment

Job board chat


How do we charge you? How do you charge your customers?
We charge based on how many of your customers connect to the chat service. So, one connector would be one live chat seat. It’s your site, your model, your choice. We simply power the chat functionality. After that, customer fees are entirely up to you.
What features are included? Who hosts the chat?
Just the core functionality needed to chat. The bells and whistles of our contact centre suite are unnecessary here. We provide a lightweight live chat app acting as a quick bridge. We do. Though customer chat sign-ups are your remit, we still shoulder the hosting and maintenance of your solution.
What happens when a vendor isn’t logged in? Where does the chat sit for the vendor?
If a company isn’t logged in to their chat account, the chat button doesn’t appear against their listing. So, no false expectations for the visitor. Chat requests come through directly to the vendor’s chat client. So, your customer doesn’t have to have their listing with you open all the time in order to take chats.