Deploying WhosOn

Host your own chat solution. With our on-premise edition of WhosOn, you get total ownership of your chat service and the data that comes with it.

A self-hosted setup

When you choose an on-prem WhosOn deployment, you take chat into your dominion. You’re the data owner, and you can do things that wouldn’t be possible with a hosted service.

Your own servers

Self-contain WhosOn on private internal servers, without reliance on third parties.

Your own security measures

Run WhosOn behind your own firewalls or DMZ, and apply your own security policies.

Your own database

Get full, instant access to your data – stored in your company’s secure MS SQL database.

Your own maintenance

You pick your maintenance windows, and you govern your upgrade path.

“We understand that you might not want to leave your data in the hands of external hosts. For many verticals, local installations remain the safest and most regulation compliant choice. So, with WhosOn you’ll always have the option to deploy chat on-premise – without compromising on price or functionality.”

Daniel Tallentire
Technical Director

The most controlled path to chat

Managing your live chat solution is easier on-premise. You control the network end-to-end, so you can regulate everything from latency, to bandwidth, to database permissions.

On-prem FAQ

How do I deploy WhosOn on-premise?

There are two components to install: the WhosOn server kit and the chat client. We can help you with any configuration if needed. Website side, you’ll also need to add the WhosOn tracking code.

What is included in the on-prem edition?

WhosOn features are identical between the cloud and on-prem editions. And because pricing works on a straightforward subscription basis, you also get ongoing access to support and updates.

What if I want a perpetual licence and not a subscription?

This works a little differently. You pay a one-off fee to own WhosOn perpetually, so it’s yours to maintain. If you also want access to support and updates, we’d arrange under a separate agreement.

Who is on-prem best for?

Installable chat is usually chosen by organisations who need a tighter hand in privacy and security. These industries often abide by strict regulations, especially where sensitive data is concerned.

Advanced deployment options

If your requirements go beyond the scope of a standard chat installation, we can help. For niche or more complex projects, we offer a range of extra services.

Custom development

We can work at your request to deliver custom features, configurations or designs. For example, a localised chat client, a bespoke chat window or an integration into your in-house software.

API access

Get WhosOn under a white label. You can present WhosOn as your own chat solution, with no trace of our branding plus full API access to the product.

Hybrid hosting

As well as on-premise deployment, we also offer highly secure cloud-based chat. So, enterprises and conglomerates can take advantage of both options on a per-brand or per-country basis.

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Start scoping your chat project

Before we start work on your chat project, we need to take the time to understand your business and its goals. Then, we can recommend next steps, start planning any custom work and get you set up with a free trial.

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