Chat data

Powerful ways to put your chat data to work

Leverage your chat data however you like. WhosOn offers unbounded data access, plus open-ended data ownership. So, your chat data is yours to manage and manipulate in any way needed.

A dedicated data portal

WhosOn is a reporting powerhouse. As part of this, you get a dedicated portal to access your chat data and all its accompanying reports and dashboards.

OData access

The built-in reporting capacity you get with WhosOn is immense. But you can expand further still via our OData API – giving you unbounded access to the raw data of WhosOn.

showing data imported
Import data into BI tools

Smoothly push WhosOn data into third party systems

showing data being merged from various sources
Merge data sources

Mingle chat data with data from your other key tech touchpoints

a consolidated dashboard view
Create consolidated dashboards

Get a single, integrated view of KPIs and metrics

view of a custom report
Build custom reports

Automate queries for dynamic updates on the fly

An integrated tech stack

You get built-in business intelligence. You get full access to raw data for third-party analysis. And with WhosOn, you also get smooth integrations out of the box. So, you can use chat data across your broader tech stack.

showing icons from various tech stacks

Your data, hosted your way

It’s not just how much valuable data you can access with WhosOn. It’s also how much control you can operate over that data.

representing a secure on premesis installion On-prem installation

You can host WhosOn on your own servers, behind your own firewalls, with data residing in your own databases.

showing an installation in the cloud Cloud data centre

If you choose cloud hosting, you can still have a say in where your data sits. We’ll house your data in the location you prefer.

shows a dedicated server to house your installation Dedicated server

Have WhosOn hosted in a dedicated environment offering heightened control, security, and scalability.

shows a dedicated and locked or encrypted server Encrypted server

Want tighter data safeguarding yet? We can offer end to end server encryption in line with your custom policies.

  • Archiving
    Archive chat data via callbacks and save chats into external databases.
  • Retention
    Define how long chat data is securely stored – with 7 years as standard.
  • Deletion
    Choose to permanently delete chats and all their associated data.
  • Masking
    Detect and mask the sensitive PCI/PII data revealed in chat sessions.
  • Permissions
    Set individual user permissions to fine-tune who can access which data.
  • Exports
    Convert data into structured formats and export as needed.