Looking for a FreshChat alternative?

WhosOn is an enterprise solution, at an affordable cost

Advanced live chat and AI for enterprises

Get sophisticated live chat software for your contact centre. With WhosOn, you get advanced chat features. You get flexible deployment catered to custom needs. And you get support from an expert team. All at unmatched value for money.

Enjoy smarter features

Level-up your team with the smartest live chat technology currently available. WhosOn is a powerful FreshChat alternative when it comes to the functionality you’ll be tapping into. This includes:

Chatbot operators

AI auto-text

Sentiment analysis

System integrations

Live chat APIs

Extensive reporting

Inbuilt help desk

Real-time translation

Omnichannel calling

Pay a fair price

Like FreshChat, WhosOn is an enterprise-grade solution. But you get that calibre for a lower cost.

Flex chat around your needs

When you choose WhosOn over FreshChat, you give yourself more scope for customisation. Our software is designed to adapt to you, and not vice versa.

Hosting choice

FreshChat only offers cloud deployment. WhosOn offers choice. As well as secure cloud hosting, you can also choose to self-host WhosOn on-premises.

Customisation scope

Fine-tune how WhosOn looks and runs. A range of granular settings options are coded into the product, so there’s no need to pay more for customised configuration.

Rollout flexibility

Chat challenges are our forte. So, whether you need a live chat staging environment, a multi-lingual deployment, or any other rollout consideration, we’re primed to cater to you.

Commission projects

Commission a project from our expert technicians. We can deliver feature requests, bespoke integrations, custom chat design and development, or anything else you might need.

Get friendly in-house support

Buying WhosOn buys you in to the best support in the live chat business. We don’t do offshore call centres, and we don’t outsource our technicians.

Instead, you’ll be dealing with our helpful team of experts. Quality support will be waiting for you at the end of a call, chat, or even remote session.

Join a world-class community

Thousands of enterprise contact centres choose WhosOn as their preferred FreshChat alternative. Here’s just a snapshot of the brands who trust us.

The FreshChat alternative you can trust

AI chatbot

Start scoping your chat project

Before we start work on your chat project, we need to take the time to understand your business and its goals. Then, we can recommend next steps, start planning any custom work and get you set up with a free trial.

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