Deploying WhosOn
in the cloud

Get your chat solution hosted in a state of the art data centre. With our cloud-based WhosOn edition, you get maximum convenience coupled with maximum security.

An Azure environment

When you choose a cloud-based WhosOn deployment, your server is housed in a highly secure IaaS environment. Your chat data is safe, your service stability best in class.

Microsoft Azure data centres

We host WhosOn via Microsoft Azure, a world leader in cloud computing.

High resiliency

Get hardened redundancy in a true cloud environment.

Fluid integrations

Hosted within a powerful ecosystem with smooth access to Microsoft services.

A service uptime guarantee

We average a service uptime of 99.8% across all servers.

"Security is multi-layered with Microsoft Azure. Our customers benefit from built-in controls, unique threat intelligence, and customised technology from a team of 3500 Microsoft cybersecurity experts. So, your security posture is strengthened with an Azure deployment."

Liam Perez
Information Security Manager

The smoothest path to chat

Implementing your live chat solution is easier in the cloud. You don’t need to secure your own server or spend time and resources on maintenance. All that hassle is out of your hands.

Cloud hosting FAQ

How do I deploy the cloud option?

It’s as simple as installing the WhosOn client onto your machine and adding a line of code to your website. We take care of hosting, we take care of security, and we take care of upkeep.

What is included in the cloud edition?

You get access to all standard features right away, as well as ongoing support and updates rolled into your package.

Who is cloud hosting best for?

If you’re not heavily regulated, our cloud live chat is probably the edition for you. Similarly, if you don’t have extensive tech resources, cloud-based chat is your more straightforward option.

Where is my data kept?

For EU customers, your data sits in a UK Microsoft Azure data centre. Outside the EU, your data is housed is in a US Microsoft Azure data centre.

Advanced deployment options

If your requirements go beyond the scope of a standard cloud deployment, we can help. For larger or more complex projects, we offer a range of extra services.

Dedicated server setup

Get a fully managed Windows server. This has WhosOn pre-installed and comes custom configured to you. Your own DNS name can be registered to the server and your own SSL certificate is included.

Custom rollouts

It might be a secure live chat staging environment. It might be an international chat project broken into phases. Whatever your need, we can deliver a custom approach to your deployment.

Hybrid hosting

As well as secure cloud hosting, we also offer on-premises installations of WhosOn. So, enterprises and conglomerates can take advantage of both options on a per-brand or per-country basis.

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Start scoping your chat project

Before we start work on your chat project, we need to take the time to understand your business and its goals. Then, we can recommend next steps, start planning any custom work and get you set up with a free trial.

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