The WhosOn server

Speed and resiliency at the core of your service

Smart features are nothing without backend stability. Your live chat service might have fancy bells and whistles upfront, but how robust is its infrastructure behind the scenes?

With WhosOn, you’re getting advanced features, built on rock-solid foundations.

Your server

Your WhosOn server can handle as much activity as you can feasibly throw at it. All in super-fast speed.

Strong server-side scripting

The WhosOn server is coded entirely in .NET. This is the best server-side scripting technology currently available, with superior memory management, security, and exception handling. So, your server promises top speed and performance.

Multi-threaded technology

WhosOn uses a multi-threaded architecture. This means that every request is handled on its own thread, rather than via a shared open connection. No matter how busy your chat service, no single client or chat will slow down processing for others.

Separate services

Each WhosOn service runs as a separate concurrent task. Each client action – a login, a chat search, a report pull – is executed independently on its own string. This means you get rapid reporting capacity and strong back-end stability.

Your database

Memory-rich storage. Resilient processing. Secure querying. With WhosOn, your chat data is handled expertly.

Separate databases

Per website. Your setup enables each website connected to WhosOn to have its own database connection string value. So, you get increased data security and resiliency.

Durability by default

Connections to your database are pooled. So, your server doesn’t require a single, permanent DB connection to stay open. Nor does WhosOn keep permanent DB connections open for chats, metadata and client requests. The result is database durability.

Parameterised queries

All WhosOn database queries are parameterised. This provides several boons. First, it makes queries more readable. Second, it increases DB performance. And most importantly, parameterised queries protect your database from SQL injection attacks.

Your framework

WhosOn’s .NET framework enables smooth integration into third-party technology stacks. No custom code required.

Bot frameworks

WhosOn integrates with all major chatbot frameworks. Thanks to our interoperable setup, this integration is native. Simply plug your preferred AI bot into your standard live chat service and go.

Microsoft services

Using .NET means WhosOn can easily connect with key Microsoft services. You can archive your chats into Azure Cosmos DB, then pull the archived data into specialist reporting systems like Microsoft Power BI. All as standard.

CRM integration

WhosOn uses a global Azure service to provide integration to multiple CRM systems. Your server sends chats to your CRM in real-time. So, your chat channel and all the data that comes with it don’t sit in a silo.

AI chatbot

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