Looking for a Zoho SalesIQ alternative?

WhosOn offers sophisticated, laser-focused live chat technology

You could buy chat from a company that treats chat as a sideline. Or, you could buy superior live chat software that comes from specialists.

When you choose WhosOn as a Zoho SalesIQ alternative, you choose the smartest features available in the live chat space. You choose live chat expertise. And you choose flexibility for your chat project.

Product quality. Product clarity. Product care.

WhosOn and Zoho have entirely different focuses. Which focus is likeliest to deliver the more advanced live chat product?

Beyond basic features

Chat feature for chat feature, WhosOn is a vastly more sophisticated Zoho SalesIQ alternative. Zoho SalesIQ does offer some expected chat functionality. But its scale doesn’t come close to WhosOn. To list a handful, our hundreds of live chat features include:

Hybrid bots

Bots run admin for operators to auto-retrieve data and push it into chats

Sentiment AI

Inbuilt NLP algorithms calculate the satisfaction of your chatting customers

Omnichannel comms

Seamlessly switch between chat to call, SMS, email, or social message

Conversational assist

AI auto-text suggestions, predictive typing, canned responses and more

Real-time translation

Chat to visitors in over 100 languages with smooth, instant translation


Chatbot operators field FAQ and route customers to reduce resource strain

Live visitor analytics

Detailed data profiles on your website visitors and real-time journey tracking

Inbuilt help desk

Skill-based routing, availability scheduling, queue management, etc

Chat data

A suite of 80 live chat reports, plus visual dashboards, in a dedicated data portal

Multi-platform support

Offer more hands-on support in a session via video chat, co-browsing, and remote control

Rich integrations

A vast portfolio of integrations for data fluidity across your tech stack

Supervisor toolkit

Monitor conversations, “whisper” support, send broadcasts, and transfer chats

All custom delivered to your needs

Hosting flexibility Customisation flexibility
  • Cloud deployment in a world-class data centre
  • On-premises installation on your own server
  • Dedicated server setup for maximum scalability
  • Fine-tuned configuration options as standard
  • Build a custom solution via WhosOn developer version
  • Reskin / resell chat as your own via white labelling
  • Deployment flexibility Project flexibility
  • Live chat staging environment for a secure rollout
  • Multi-site, multi-country, multi-lingual deployments
  • Catering to niche needs in complex environments
  • Four chat APIs, to tailor WhosOn from every angle
  • Request custom features, integrations, or designs
  • Work with our consultants on a bespoke project
  • The Zoho support approach

    For a live chat provider, Zoho doesn’t offer support via live chat. (Not unless you pay extra for it, that is.) Nor is a support telephone number easy to locate.

    If you need support with Zoho SalesIQ, you’re one just more email to a vast, impersonal corporation dealing with 50 million customers.

    The WhosOn support approach

    When you deal with WhosOn, you deal with a small, friendly team of experts. Our technicians are based at the heart of our UK headquarters – not in an enormous Indian contact centre.

    And, unlike Zoho, you can reach us live. We’re accessible to you via chat, telephone, or remote session. Plus, with an average team tenure of 7 years, the support you get comes from a specialist.

    The ChatBeacon alternative trusted by the world’s biggest brands

    More than 10,000 businesses use our software, including 10% of Fortune 500 Brands. Here’s just a snapshot of the company you’ll be keeping.

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    Start scoping your chat project

    Before we start work on your chat project, we need to take the time to understand your business and its goals. Then, we can recommend next steps, start planning any custom work and get you set up with a free trial.

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