Looking for an Intercom alternative?

WhosOn offers sophisticated chat technology, at a transparent price

Refreshingly focused chat

WhosOn is a dedicated chat solution. Unlike Intercom, we don’t offer a bloated service made up of multiple products and side-lines.

Instead, our focus is chat. Our development attention is lasered on sophisticated chat features. And that laser-focus shows through in the quality and clarity of WhosOn.

The smartest live chat features

Amongst hundreds of advanced features designed to make chat as smooth, efficient, and cost-effective as possible, we offer:

Hybrid chatbots

Bots run admin for operators and feed supporting data into chats

Conversational automation

Predictive suggestions, auto-text and canned responses reduce manual typing


A chatbot operator alleviates the resource strains of FAQ handling

Sentiment NLP

Inbuilt algorithms gauge customer satisfaction as each chat unfolds

Live visitor analytics

Operators get real-time data on website visitors and their browsing behaviour

Two-way translation

Messages are translated back and forth instantly, with support for 100+ languages

Omnichannel transitions

Seamlessly switch between chat to call, SMS, email, or social message

Inbuilt help desk

Skills-based routing, chat history, remote control, and a full suite of help desk tools

Supervisor intervention

Monitor chats, “whisper” support to operators, and transfer as needed

Served at a transparent price

As well as this powerful feature focus, WhosOn is also the best Intercom alternative when it comes to cost. Intercom has a complex mix of packages and product inclusions. You’ll find WhosOn pricing both more straightforward, and more affordable.

The more personable Intercom alternative

Our customers come for the software, and they stay for the support.

Unlike Intercom, we’re happy to give you live assistance. We don’t “typically reply in hours” to messages on the web chat channel. We don’t hide our telephone numbers or email addresses. Instead, you get accessible support from an expert in-house team.

All deployed to suit your business

Hosting flexibility

Both cloud and on-premises hosting options available

Customisation flexibility

Advanced configuration settings to fine-tune WhosOn

Deployment flexibility

Multi-site, multi-country, multi-lingual chat rollouts

Project flexibility

Live chat APIs, a professional services team, and scope for bespoke projects

Powering chat for contact centres around the world

Intercom is an enterprise solution. But so too is WhosOn. Many of the world’s biggest brands choose WhosOn as their preferred Intercom alternative, including:

AI chatbot

Start scoping your chat project

Before we start work on your chat project, we need to take the time to understand your business and its goals. Then, we can recommend next steps, start planning any custom work and get you set up with a free trial.

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