Live chat for financial services brands

Unlock opportunities with bots, automation and omnichannel experiences

Use chat to your strategic and commercial advantage. WhosOn makes it easy for you to transform your financial institution with best-in-class live chat and AI technology.

An appetite for innovation

Your customers demand digitised customer service, accessible from any portal at any time. And WhosOn enables you to meet those demands via one streamlined platform.


An AI-fuelled conversation engine

As well as merging tech touchpoints together, WhosOn drives synergy between your human chat operators and bots. Bots handle the routine and the repetitive, while agents handle the complex and the high-value. And both tag-team back and forth with the other in one smooth thread.


"We looked at a number of live chat providers and found WhosOn to be more advanced. The product has added considerably to the contact centre operation at Aviva."

Mark Bennett

Develop, deploy, sync

api innovation

API innovation

Develop custom integrations to lace chat throughout your tech ecosystem.

hosting choices

Hosting choice

Deploy chat on-premises, via HCI cloud, or in a dedicated environment.

data fluidity

Data fluidity

Sync your conversational data to CRMs, databases, reporting suites, or wherever you need.

All with heightened security and watertight data control

  • Every conversation is encrypted, every session established over a secure connection
  • Your chat channel is protected against brute force attacks with intrusion prevention
  • Inbuilt PCI / PII masking, so sensitive chat data remains private and regulation compliant
  • Manage your own data retention, with full chat deletion options or secure storage as required
  • Control access to WhosOn with whitelist and blacklist options for countries, users and IPs
  • Audit history for user activity, plus customisable access rights and permission levels

Plus a wealth of features to unlock efficiency

Smart auto-text suggestions mean agents can reply without typing Live typing previews give your agents a conversational edge
Bots, agents and customers alike can share files for a single-thread exchange Easily continue or reengage chat conversations via email, through Office 365 integration
Intricate sentiment analysis algorithms assess customer satisfaction Escalate intricate chats or confirm identity via omnichannel calling
Give informed chat support without repetition via customer chat history Revisualise and interrogate chat data via extensive live chat reports
Real-time translation enables conversations in over 100 languages Native CRM integrations to push-pull data across your CRM records and chat sessions
Detailed, live data on your website visitors as each journey unfolds AI chat summaries allow effortless chat categorisation and contextualisation

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