WhosOn features

Enjoy the advantages of an advanced live chat feature set. WhosOn offers everything your managers, your operators and your website visitors could ever need for a great experience.


  • Smart auto-text suggestions, so operators can reply without typing
  • Live chat mood indicators, to gauge chat urgency at a glance
  • Sentiment analysis algorithms, to calculate customer satisfaction
  • AI-powered chat summaries, for instant abstracts of all customer support interactions
  • Pre-set greetings and predictive text, to speed operator handling times


  • Integrations into major bot frameworks, to plug the best bot into a feature-rich chat service
  • Bot monitoring capabilities, to ensure smooth service and prevent potential issues
  • Bot management options, so the bot can be subject to rules, hours, and skills assignment
  • Seamless transfers between bot and operator, for a maximum efficiency tag-team
  • Bot analytics, to track performance, stream data to dashboards, and pull reports


  • Encrypted conversations established over secure connections, to protect at every touchpoint
  • Data retention control, for full chat deletion or secure storage as required
  • Intrusion prevention, so brute force attacks don’t work against WhosOn
  • Whitelist and blacklist options for countries, users and IPs, to control access to WhosOn
  • PCI / PII masking, so sensitive chat data remains private and regulation compliant


  • Video chat, to give face to face service online
  • Omnichannel calling, to switch channel from chat to call without leaving WhosOn
  • Chat to email, to easily continue or reengage chat conversations at opportune times
  • Chat app, so operators can take chat requests on the go and connect away from the desk
  • Mobile chat, so website visitors can engage regardless of their device

Help desk

  • Real-time chat translation, to chat to customers and prospects in over 100 languages
  • Skills based chat routing, so chats automatically go to the operator best-placed to help
  • Remote desktop control, to assist with complex requests quickly and efficiently
  • File upload, to send necessary files back and forth without channel disruption
  • Follow page, to see what your user sees and take a proactive approach to web support


  • Operator management, to set schedules, assign skills and permissions, and create groups
  • Chat monitoring, either discreetly or at the request of an operator, to track service provision
  • Send private ‘whisper’ messages, to coach operators and help with responses
  • Supervisor takeover option, for tidy, timely chat escalation
  • Issue broadcast messages, to save time when sharing memos, alerts or important updates


  • Site entry alerts, to identify opportunities and segment visitors based on first referrer
  • Live visitor tracking, to watch as each journey unfolds and analyse surfing habits
  • IP look ups for companies and locations, to pinpoint and profile your web prospects
  • Prospect detection, to separate visitors from leads based on triggers
  • Web traffic reports, spanning data on new visitors, total visitors and page views

Chat reporting

  • Performance dashboards, for a quick way to digest your chat data and measure success
  • In-client charts, to keep tabs on your main metrics without launching a separate report
  • 80 out of the box live chat reports, to see granular detail as well as quantitative overviews
  • External database uploads, for custom data manipulation and reporting via third-party tools
  • Operator reports, for in-depth data on user activity while logged into WhosOn


  • Reply to Messenger queries from WhosOn, for unified messages and fast responses
  • Push-pull chat data between WhosOn and your CRM, for rapidly synced systems
  • Add appointments to your Office calendar during chats, to optimise task organisation
  • Archive chats into Azure Cosmos, to reduce demand on your local database
  • Sync WhosOn with Google Analytics and Tag Manager, to enhance your web insights

Agent tools

  • Customer chat history, for informed chat sessions without repetition
  • Visitor typing previews, for an early advantage in detecting the visitor’s mood and need
  • Canned responses with support for attachments, to send lengthy info in a click
  • Dynamic forms, to smoothly acquire in-chat data in a structured format
  • Both pre and post chat surveys, to inform and improve support