Public sector live chat

Drive digital transformation with smart chat technology

Digitalise your communications and services. WhosOn helps you ease the load on your enquiries with regulation-ready live chat and bot technology.

Your service users value chat

quick real time chat


Real-time answers to questions – no phone queues or email delays

live chat accessibility


Chat is easy to find, low-effort to use, and cuts the complexity of reaching out

contemporary live chat


Digital-centric support that modernises your services and meets expectations

Your team is better with chat

efficient live chat


Smart bot and automation features make handling conversations super-fast

integrated live chat


WhosOn smoothly integrates across your systems for fluid data syncing

cost-effective live chat


Chat helps you serve more users, in less time, with less resource drain

"We wanted to select the most suitable and cost-effective live chat software available to us. This is particularly important with the complex procurement and government regulations we must abide by. With WhosOn, we’ve already seen a positive impact on our capabilities as a team."

Joanne Shaw,
Tamworth Borough Council

Break bottlenecks with best-in-class features

Get chats to the relevant department with detailed chat routing rules

Automate routine questions via a chatbot operator

Quick-send lengthy info (tenders and contracts, legislation help, etc.) via canned response

Share useful documentation inside the chat window with file transfers

Give inclusive support to a multi-lingual mix of service users via real-time translation

Protect sensitive chat data via inbuilt PII masking

See what help and information the visitor is seeking via live visitor tracking

Discover the demand for chat sessions and assess performance via live chat reports

Push-pull service user info back and forth from chat to database via CRM syncing

Switch seamlessly from chat conversations to calls with omnichannel calling

Sort a diverse range of public sector chat topics via AI chat summaries and operator wrap-ups

Pull in conversations from Messenger and SMS via third-party integrations

All primed for public sector challenges

coded for compliance

Coded for compliance

Chat safely within the parameters of your industry regulations. WhosOn is outfitted with every security measure possible – spanning encryption, to intrusion prevention, to fine-tuned access rights on a per-user level.

types of software deployments

Choose your own deployment

Download, install and manage WhosOn entirely on-premises. Or have WhosOn hosted in a state-of-the-art EU data centre – in a dedicated environment unique to your organisation. We’ll flex hosting around your needs.

flexible services

Flexible services

Customise functionality, commission a bespoke chat design, and use our training and support services. As well as a wealth of public sector experience, we’re veterans when it comes to working to custom needs.

budget control

Budget control

Access the best live chat technology, without breaking your budget. As a not-for-profit public sector organisation, we automatically reduce the standard price you pay for WhosOn by 10%.

Proudly powering chat for

AI chatbot

Start scoping your chat project

Before we start work on your chat project, we need to take the time to understand your business and its goals. Then, we can recommend next steps, start planning any custom work and get you set up with a free trial.

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