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Every ticket a triumph

WhosOn isn’t just a live chat solution. It’s also a nifty piece of help desk software, complete with an online ticketing system that’s packed with features.

live chat routing

Chat queues

  • Inbuilt queuing system, to display the number of pending chats and their wait length times
  • Automated queue messages, to keep the user informed
  • Customisable settings, to set queue limits based on agent availability


  • Escalate live chats to a ticketing system, to respond to issues immediately
  • Include any number of custom fields and attachments, to reach a speedy solution
  • Automatic ticket distribution, to optimise agent efficiency
*Ticketing currently only available in classic version
online ticketing
chat routing

Chat routing

  • Automatic chat routing, to send the request to the agent best equipped to respond
  • Create unlimited selection rules, to define how chats are matched to skills
  • Backup routing rules, to ensure that no chat is ignored during busy periods

Rapid response

  • Tab to switch to the longest waiting chat, to manage queues effectively
  • Green, amber and red colour coding, to view chat priority legibly and logically
  • Intuitive canned response, to offer a bank of suitable answers at speed
live chat responses

Follow page

  • Screen-share with customers, to predict user problems and avoid abandonment
  • Follow users on their site journey, to nip potential issues in the bud
  • Assist visitors with their sessions, to take a proactive approach to web support
track visitors
remote desktop

Remote desktop control

  • Control the visitor’s desktop, to assist with complex requests efficiently
  • Help with and complete forms, to improve customer experience and retention
  • Solve technical difficulties directly, to save on lengthy phone calls

Knowledge base integration

  • Sync chat transcripts with your knowledge base, to keep expertise accessible
  • Send chat content at the click of a button, to store information in a central portal
  • Reuse relevant support from chat sessions, to keep enriching your knowledge base
chat knowledge-base

Operator to operator chat

  • Internal chat functionality, to encourage team collaboration
  • Create specific chat rooms or groups, to share information and ideas
  • Send files to colleagues via chat, to enable quick, seamless company comms
chat operator
click to chat

Call to chat

  • Invite waiting callers to send a chat via your IVR system, to prevent lengthy hold times
  • Launch a mobile chat through a simple IVR re-route, to offer immediate assistance
  • Switch more calls into chat sessions, to optimise call centre resources

Stored sessions

  • Access closed chat sessions, to give personalised, informed help
  • Search for key words, users, or dates, to leverage historic chat records
  • Display chat history, to access any former issues or requests
stored chat sessions
Visual and audio chat alerts

Set notifying chat cues for both agent and user

Multiple session capability

Trained agents can deal with 5 chats at any one time

Role based permissions

Set specific chat permissions on a user and group basis

Live stats

See help desk activity across the day

Email recognition

Use emails to pull in Gravatar data and update CRM info

Inbuilt feedback

Give direct feedback on WhosOn, directly from your desktop client

Speed support

Predictive text to suggest the most likely common phrase

Disposition display

Smiley faces depicting user mood displayed at the top of the chat window

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