Looking for a ServiceNow chat alternative?

WhosOn offers enterprise chat technology at an affordable price

Don’t side-line your chat solution

Live chat software is a critical component for contact centres and busy service desks. It’s a specialist technology, not something to be side-lined. And that’s why a basic chat add-on bundled into a sprawling ITSM platform is not going to deliver you optimal results.

Introducing WhosOn

WhosOn is a highly sophisticated live chat solution. Like ServiceNow, it’s designed for enterprises. But with WhosOn, you’re getting a laser-focus on live chat and all the advanced features that power a first-class experience.

The best features in the live chat business

Chat feature for chat feature, WhosOn is easily the best ServiceNow chat alternative. ServiceNow does offer some expected chat functionality like queuing, offline messages and (expensive) bot agents. But WhosOn comes with hundreds of advanced features designed for the slickest chat possible.

Real-time, two-way chat translation in 100+ languages

Sentiment analysis of chats via natural language processing

Smooth omnichannel switches across chat, call, and SMS

Tag teaming between hybrid bots and chat operators

Auto-text and canned response automation

Chat monitoring and supervisor interventions

Video chat and remote desktop control

A vast suite of chat and performance reports

Sensitive customer data masking

Agent to agent support, inc tagging, ‘whispers’ and transfers

Web analytics, prospect detection and live tracking

Developer access to WhosOn live chat APIs

All at a clear, affordable cost

  • Fixed prices for every plan

  • Transparent, accessible pricing — including breakdown tables

  • Value for money commonly flagged in customer feedback
  • Comes up with prices on a case by case basis

  • No pricing information available onsite

  • High cost commonly flagged in customer feedback

A more flexible ServiceNow chat alternative

When you use ServiceNow chat, you’re tied in to the restrictions of the broader ServiceNow platform. You’ll find WhosOn easier to shape around your needs.

Data control

Choose cloud or on-prem deployment, and set your own rules for data access and deletion.

Customisation scope

Fine-tune how WhosOn looks and runs on a granular level – no need to pay more for custom config.

Project flexibility

Commission a chat project from our expert team, plus ongoing access to tech support.

Extra WhosOn implementation benefits compared to ServiceNow


Easy, modern user interface

No JavaScript necessary for config

Quick deployment time

Super-fast running and load speeds

Smooth updates and upgrades

Multi-threaded technology

Join a world-class community

Enterprise contact centres around the world trust us to power their live chat needs. Here’s a snapshot of customers using WhosOn as a focused, feature-rich ServiceNow chat alternative.

AI chatbot

Start scoping your chat project

Before we start work on your chat project, we need to take the time to understand your business and its goals. Then, we can recommend next steps, start planning any custom work and get you set up with a free trial.

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