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Enjoy secure, sophisticated live chat technology with WhosOn

Get the most advanced live chat technology on the market. When you choose WhosOn as your ChatBeacon alternative, you choose smarter features, a sharper security focus, and superior flexibility. All for a better price.

Smarter features

WhosOn has a vast suite of over 100 sophisticated live chat features. ChatBeacon offers expected live chat functionality, but fewer high-end options.

a venn diagram showing everything whoson does that chat beacon cant

Sharper security focus

Features aside, WhosOn is also the optimum ChatBeacon alternative in terms of security.

ChatBeacon WhosOn
Cyber Essentials Plus certified



FSQS accredited



Session security


Connections are secured over an initial 2048-bit RSA exchange followed by an exchange of, at minimum, a 128-bit session key, produced through an SHA-256 certificate.

Encryption procedure


The visitor to server connection uses HTTPS encryption. The client to server connection uses custom encryption methodology.

Blacklisting options


Automatic blacklisting of IPs that repeatedly fail to authenticate. Option to manually add problem users to the IP blacklist.

Whitelisting options


The internal chat interface and internal gateway interface only accept connections from whitelisted hosts.



Weekly vulnerability scans plus annual third-party penetration tests.

Scope for customisation

Not only is WhosOn feature-rich and robust, it also allows an enormous degree of flexibility compared to ChatBeacon.

showing a white labeled chat window

White labelled chat

Remove every trace of the WhosOn brand to reskin / resell chat as your own.

a folder with api on it

Developer version

Build a completely custom live chat solution, via server-only licences and API access.

showing several apis

Live chat APIs

Leverage a chat window API, a client interface API, a backend API, and an OData API.

various icons representing various custom projects

Custom projects

Request bespoke features, integrations, or designs and we’ll deliver.

shows various icons representing different deployment methods

Complex deployments

We specialise in catering to niche needs in complex environments.

an image showing data and databases

Data control

Enjoy unbounded data access, plus open-ended data ownership.

Superior value

You may be considering ChatBeacon for its on-premises offering. But WhosOn also offers an on-premises edition alongside a cloud edition. And both options deliver superior ROI.

showing side by side how much cheaper whoson is

The ChatBeacon alternative trusted by the world’s biggest brands

More than 10,000 businesses use our software, including 10% of Fortune 500 Brands. Here’s just a snapshot of the company you’ll be keeping.

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