Facebook Messenger


For some customers, your live chat service might not be the first port of call when getting in touch. Social media, particularly Facebook Messenger, is an increasingly popular customer contact channel.

So, WhosOn offers Messenger integration. This merges your social media messages with your live chat messages in one neat stream. Here’s how the integration works:

• First, plug your Facebook app into WhosOn. (You can find detailed configuration instructions in our support files)

• You can also fine-tune your Messenger integration from the WhosOn settings portal, to customise aspects such as surveys, ratings, timeouts, etc

• Once connected, messages from Messenger will then come directly through to WhosOn like any other inbound chat

• You can both receive and reply to Messenger queries from inside the chat client, with zero channel disruption

• By handling third-party conversations via WhosOn, you can also apply smart chat features and reports