Sometimes in a live chat session, you might need to guide users through a tricky process. For example, user onboarding, or completing a web application or a complex form.

In these instances, being able to see the page that the visitor is on isn’t enough. But full remote desktop control might be too much. Co-browsing is the easiest, most convenient option. And we offer it with WhosOn.

• In a live chat session, operators can click to send a screen-share request to the user

• If accepted, the user can then share their screen effortlessly, without having to download an exe file

• This then allows for interactive co-browsing, with the operator able to scroll, click and type alongside the user

• Operators can highlight/annotate the user’s screen or take control as needed

• Screen-sharing is confined to the web browser (and not the desktop), making it a secure and unobtrusive support option