Travel live chat

Chat, bots, and conversational AI for your travel or hospitality website

Boost your online bookings with advanced chat technology. WhosOn helps you transform your customer support offering, improve the online experience, and drive digital ROI.

Travel live chat for your customers


Bots mean holidaymakers get answers to travel FAQ anytime, anywhere


Give consumers quick, clear details around your deals, packages, and T&Cs


Drive assurance in your brand – and drive bookings – with quality online care

Travel live chat for your team


Deflect expensive calls and chat to multiple leads at any one time


Real-time live chat translation helps you communicate with international travellers


Conversational AI and chat automation tools help power-up your reps

“Parker Software has been extremely helpful during the whole process, customising the software for our brand and providing excellent training and support throughout. We are now up and running with a valuable additional outlet to communicate with clients. We’d certainly recommend WhosOn to anyone looking to implement a versatile digital engagement solution.”

Matt Newman,
Trek America

The best chat features for your travel business

Deploy multi-site chat, with custom rules and branding, across group travel/hospitality sites

Use prospect detection and dynamic chat invitations to nurture leads proactively

Offer a true travel agent or concierge experience online with video chat

Use a hybrid chatbot to retrieve relevant data for reps and ‘whisper’ it into the chat session

Send inline chat forms to smoothly acquire structured info such as dates or regions

Exchange documents – brochures, venue snaps, booking confirmation forms – via file upload

Progress detailed chat conversations into calls with seamless omnichannel calling

Use our Office 365 integration to resume holiday chats or reengage prospects via email

Live chat typing previews help you pre-empt the holidaymaker’s wants and needs

Reply to common booking queries quickly with canned responses and AI auto-text

Create routing rules to connect customers to the best-placed travel rep or team

Schedule callbacks and respond to missed travel questions via offline chat options

Flex chat around your needs


  • API access
    Plug chat into your travel apps or internal systems
  • Custom projects
    Commission bespoke features, designs, and integrations
  • Tailored service
    Consultancy, 24/7 technical support and chat training options


  • Aggregator chat
    Custom chat option for aggregator / comparison holiday websitess
  • Localised chat
    International chat software rollout in any language
  • Deployment choice
    Choose either cloud or on-premises hosting as preferred

Proudly powering travel live chat for

AI chatbot

Start scoping your chat project

Before we start work on your chat project, we need to take the time to understand your business and its goals. Then, we can recommend next steps, start planning any custom work and get you set up with a free trial.

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