Live chat for retail

Elevate the ecommerce experience with smart live chat technology

Live chat is an ecommerce catalyst. Give your online shoppers the best experience possible with customised, AI-infused support.

The ecommerce chat process

Chat that boosts your web sales

Prospect detection

Pinpoint high-value visitors, then auto-engage them via rules and triggers

Dynamic invitations

Send proactive messages to website visitors at opportune points in their journey

Form field capture

Track live user input in form fields, even as the visitor types their keystrokes


Deploy chat to all your group websites, with custom rules per site

Bot support

Chatbots tag-team with agents to assist with FAQ and retrieve system data

Real-time translation

Chat to visitors in over 100 languages thanks to smooth two-way translation

Chat automation

AI auto-text and canned responses speed up agent reply times


Scroll, click and type alongside visitors to support their session

Omnichannel support

Switch to video chat or from chat to call from within your chat window

Integrations across your ecommerce stack

“We would highly recommend WhosOn - an ideal system to manage without IT support, it has enhanced our offering.”


Supported by a sophisticated feature-set

View chat history to recognise return users and give them informed assistance

Use file upload to exchange relevant documents within the chat

See customer keystrokes before they hit send via typing previews

Smoothly acquire needed data by sending dynamic forms inside the chat session

Set agent availability schedules to ensure adequate customer service coverage

Record cost and revenue against each visitor via automatic revenue tracking

Capture and re-engage lost leads using missed chat recording

Acquire customer data and feedback with pre and post chat surveys

Surface custom offline messages based on availability status

Optimise chat queues with auto-closure of inactive sessions

Protect sensitive customer data via smart PCI/PII masking

Easily group and filter conversations with chat tags

Flex chat around your needs

Cloud or on-premises hosting options

Custom chat design and configuration

Scope for bespoke chat projects

Proudly powering chat for

AI chatbot

Start scoping your chat project

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